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>> good evening. i'm dan. university of california students will have to shell out more than they planned to when classes begin this fall. today the regent approved an
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additional tuition hike of almost 10%. 9.6 to be exact. now keep in mind that last november the regent approved an 8% raise so that's on top of this. the students went from 10,000 dollars then 11,000 and now with this second increase tuition at the uc system will be more than 12,000 dollars. more on all of this tonight from education reporter lee an ann. >> in favor. aye. >>reporter: today vote would increase tuition by more than 1,000 dollars per student. this is the second hike voted on for the coming year. her mm. wants to attend graduate school at one of the uc. >> with tuition increase kind of discourage me. a little bit upset and stressed out as to how i'm even going to be able to apply. >>reporter: regent said increase water necessary because of the most recent 650 million dollar in state funding reduction. >> student fee even combined fee add up to only about 26
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percent of the university short fall for the next year. >>reporter: uc system will make more cut throughout the system. 55 percent of its students will not have to pay for the increase because they are entitled to financial aid packages. for those who don't qualify will have to. jose is one of them. >> working full-time during the summer to save money. with this tuition hike i sprobl to get more loan out just to even pay for my school. >>reporter: lieutenant governor newsom opposed the increase and told students to blame the legislature not the regent. >> i think we need to send a message. we need to wake these guys up. and the only way i know how to do that sitting here because we failed to do it up there is to say no. >>reporter: regent said the tigers hike is needed to maintain the reputation of the uc system. >> but the impact of saying no just sends us down the road of saying we are prepared to let our quality erode. about we
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have thrown in the towel. >> least lousy decision made today in order to preserve access to as many class and discussion and academic support as possible. >>reporter: this is the first time money collected from tuition will be more than what the state is contributing. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> california is now the first state in the country to require students to learn about gay lesbian bisexual and transgender history. governor brown signed the landmark bill today. the legislature passed it last week on largely party line vote. some churches and conservative groups argue it exposes stunts to subject that some parents find objectionabl objectionable. the bill sponsor state senator leno of san francisco says it teaches students to be more accepting of differences. >> meanwhile don't ask don't tell could be resurrected if the the obama administration gets its way. federal government today asked the ninth circuit court of appeal to reconsider the order
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demanding a halt immediately to the ban on openly gay troops serving in the military. now the emergency motion was filed tonight. department of justice lawyers claim that ending the ban now would preempt the orderly process for rolling back that 17-year-old policy. well now to the parking lot scuffle rate outside our studio in san francisco that could be put an end to rip off targeting caivrs all over the city. it's a scheme that is really preposterously easy to pull off but after you see how it works, it won't ever work on you. here's vick lee. >>reporter: police have arrested or made contact with this man more than 70 times. just yesterday he was caught on kg o tv surveillance camera as parking lot attendant grapd grabbed him while he posed as one of them. he may be the most prolific parking attendant ncaa imposter in the city. he seems to be unstoppable. >> it's embarrassing. something is broken in the
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system. >>reporter: aaron is president of priority parking. he has 27 lots. he told us if this is epidemic. >> this is one month file of customers complaints. if one month. >>reporter: two months ago former mayor about pulled in this embarcadero parking lot. >> there was a man standing here with a white shirt. a little insignia and blue pants looked like a parking lot attend airngts he sets imposter asked for 10 dollars and even gave him a fake receipt put this on the windshield and drive right on down there. >>reporter: he got back several hours later on his wind shield, a ticket for a 15 dollar fine. real attendant who voided the faint told him he had just been conned like so many others. parking lot owners said is costing them and the city lots of money. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars are being stolen. customers and visitors to the city are having a terrible
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experience. the only thing to be done is for the district attorney to prosecute the individual. or individuals. >>reporter: this man once served two years in prison. when probation revoked. but almost every time he's arrested he spend only a few days in jail before he's back working the parking lot. here i am a former mayor who can't get, who can not get any kind of response from the district attorney in terms of dealing with this issue. >>reporter: district attorney spokesperson derek sets law limits what prosecutors can do in this case. >> we can only charge prosecute somebody for the conduct that they have committed n.this instance that conduct is petty that is a misdemeanor charge and only carries a limited stirngs now you must be wondering like former mayor and the parking lot owners why the da office just can't find some kind of felony to put this guy away longer. da office even admits to me that stay away orders haven't been effective
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and he violated parole and probation but on misdemeanor, spends time he's back out agai again. so the da office tells me that what they are going to do is to work with the police department specifically the fraud division to find some kind of creative way, their word, to keep this guy off the streets. we'll see and we will of course follow this story. vick lee, 7 news. about to the east coast for a moment. 2 jets clipped each other at boston logan airport this evening. wing tip of delta plane was almost sliced off. large crack is evidence in the tail of the comair commuter jechlt one person complained of neck injury and was taken to the hospital. the ntsb is on the case. agency will be pulling the black box from his thoughts planes to try to figure out exactly what happened. hacker if probably working for a foreign government broke in the computers of pentagon contractor in march. they stole 24,000 filts of data being developed for the military. the defense department revealed that breach
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just today calling it significant and that it did compromise information cybersecurity rules have since been devised. bay area soldier came home for the final time today. staff sergeant nick amber the fourth one of the latest casualty of the war in after establish. if corina has his story. the. >>reporter: this is one of those painful images you see with your eyes but feel with your heart. today somber emotional homecoming is for staff sergeant if nichblingt as a man he loved life. as a man he if first loved his wife. and his kids and family. >> that family stood in salute at the man they love and soldier that has given everything to his country. the 36-year-old san jose native was killed july 5th when his unit came under enemy fire in afghanistan. he had served 10 years in the marines and 6 in
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the army. >> that shows very selfless person. very cranial us person and for that we are just forever grateful. >> patriots guard writers on hand at moffitt field to pay tribute. among a gold star mom whose own son killed in iraq three years ago. this is her first patriot guard ride. what we do is fwhal the guard did for me and my family and my so son. >>reporter: funeral service and presentation of pill tear medal will take place here in daly city on monday. emotion filled day included confusion about whether flags will be flown at half staff on monday to honor the fallen soldier. they will and when we see them we will know why. >> if nick the fourth was an awesome father. awesome son and if any credible soldier. >>reporter: in daly stishtion
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abc 7 news. is he san francisco doctor killed and at least 3 others injured when big rig collided with a hospital shuttle bus today. it happened at the busy intersection of octavia boulevard and oak streeto during commute. uc sf psychiatrist d dr. kevin mack died after being injected from the shuchlingts he was thrown out of the vehicle. the shuttle did not have seat belts. something supervisor ross says needs to change. >> on all the shuttles as well as on muni should seat belt be part of that commuter experience in terms of that transit experience? and i would say that this particular incident helps tl spotlight that strong the consideration. >>reporter: it is still not clear which driver was at fault. one witness l tells sf gate the shuttle driver may have run a red light. him if another em bearings undercover individual quo has surfaced in the ongoing battle between public defender jeff and san francisco l police
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union. only this time the tables have turned. if mark with the story and videotape. >> as private citizen jeff is leading the charge to revamp the city of san francisco pension system. his amendment would cap benefits and raise employee contributions particularly for police and firefighters. to qualify for the november ballot petition gatherers were hired and in the undercover video shot by union worker you can hear the pitch. >> we are asking for better retirement benefits. >> better retirement ben fichlts state workers. >> increasing pension benefits not reducing. >> it has to be votd on before they can do that. >> give them better benefits. >> yes. >>reporter: it's about getting rid of nature time parking meter. >> if you don't want nighttime parking meters all over the city then tough to. >> sign this one. >> yes this. >>reporter: guy says the petition is all about making the big shots pay. >> big city officials are all like p.m. well we have the free ride okay and it's like makes
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it sort of fair for all of us. >>reporter: representing the yichbility that's not right. you can't say this business nighttime parking meter when it is really about pirngs the 72,000 signature that have been gathered should be thrown out. >> lawyers are looking into it right now. >>reporter: but he says the measure is spelled out right on the petition. >> every petition has a summary spwimingts prepared by the city and let me tell you people read the petition before they sipe it. >>reporter: he adds there were 300 people collecting signatures over three months. if the opponent have any evidence that a person has signed a pet under false pretenses they should come forward with this i haven't seen any. >>reporter: still a little ironic that after the surveillance video l they rolled out to the em barometer of the police department that it would be an undercover camera catches his petition gatherers in a web of lice. >> well, we have made it mostly clear to all the signature gatherers to be accurate. now
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the is there a complete explanation as to the every detail of the measure. no. that's why there is an explanation on the petition that people sign. >> signature gatherings all over the last day was the 11th. they need 47,000 to qualify for the balance lieutenant. he turned in 72,000 session election office says had he will have the count done in 30 days. in the newsroom, 7 news. tl much nor bring enthusiastic thursday night on the news at 9:00. unsolved murder of oakland restaurant owner and 2 mile stretch of dangerous turf that is now going on crime watch. >> shame on you netflix. >>reporter: netflix customers are lashing out today over a price hike. why the company actually hopes they are angry enough to drop part of the service. >> plus social media meets movie making. how you can play a role in the first hollywood crowd source film. >> i'm in the accu-weather
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forecast center in what maybe called breaking weather actually starts to feel like july in july. details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> imagine. that thanks. >> and if the opening round of the british open proves anything at ailt is that the usual rules do not apply when it comes to at the time oldest major in golf. news at 9:00 it comes to at the time oldest major in golf. news at 9:00 co
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>> 30 miles an hour winds made this grass fire near enter sfait 5 80 difficult to fight today. fire burned more than 400 acres just west of grant line road. no one was hurt and no structures burned. fire started by a downed power line from one of the wind mill ins that area. sommer chant in oakland are hoping videocamera in the neighborhood will deter crime and solve a murder.
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surveillance camera were up when restaurant owner campos murdered in april but the foot annual not helped police catch anyone. business owners hope that new cameras which will be unveiled tomorrow will now make a difference in protecting people. story tonight from cecelia. >>reporter: the finishing touches are under way. final twist. one last turn. this is just the first set in a matter of weeks about 2 miles of oakland fruitville district blanketed with crime camera. >> this is necessary because the crime is tshltion you know, a lot of crime here. >>reporter: bun lake the old camera already up in the fruitvale this new batch was paid for by the city. foot annual high definition and the camera strategically positioned by mr. is to cover crime pat he were in the neighborhood. the first installation is outside this mexican restaurant for a reason. >> the community right now l is very, very upset because right now it is 90 day from the crim
9:18 pm
crime. nothing happened. >>reporter: the crime is the still unsolved murder of beloved restaurant owner jesus pre-dawn botched robbery infuriated the community and rallied fellow business owners to demand a change. now if a crime is committed in the fruitvale mir changed hand over the video footage to police and to have officers or volunteers monitor the images in real time. >> the idea is at some point consolidate all the camera that we have and in oakland which is quite a few. >>reporter: fruitvale plan modelled after oakland china town where merchant say a string of robbery stopped as soon as the camera went up. >> once we had the camera install throughout the china area we cut not only caught many people they commit a crime but also cut did you know the crime substantially. >>reporter: merchant hope they get the same results. >> right now everybody say
9:19 pm
scared to come into fruitvale. let me tell you something to the people. fruitvale is safe. >>reporter: more than 30 camera will go up in all. that cost the city of oakland 35,000 l dollars. as for campos murder police still have no lead and still hoping witnesses will come forward. this is abc 7 news. l all right. on to the weather. spencer christian in the unlakely event you have noticed that tomorrow is frida friday. >> yes. >> very encouraging news. >> vin likely occurrence. yes i have been thinking about friday since monday. live view right now from our high definition mount tam camera. what a beautiful shot this is. look at this. see richardson bay. lights around the basement you can see the moonlight reflecting off the bay waters. see the marine layer redelevoping and pushing through the golden gate. lots of elements to appreciate for the artistic eye. what is going on if the current conditions rate now. mixed sky
9:20 pm
condition. temperatures are 62 degrees at antioch. fairfield. 60 in napa and 50's in all other location ass round the bay area. highlights areas of low clouds aren't redelevoping right now and continue to do so overnight. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon and the warming finally begins this weekend. now this afternoon our closest satellite image reveals to us a little bit of clearing of clouds away from the coast line south to the golden gate thanks to nice dry flow of wind out of the north and overnight see the cloud redevelop just showed you in the live view right there push across the bay and mav locally inland. low pressure will range mainly from low to mid 50's but if north bay valley will see even cooler condition conditions. 48 at santa rosa. 49 at nap a.okay let's fall back satellite image. water vapor satellite. talking about the trough and jet stream all week long that brought us the cool pattern we are if rate now. it's slowly moving that means we will slowly warm-up pl as the area of cooler air sea breeze continues
9:21 pm
to shift inland. we see graduate warming in the bay area. tomorrow in the south bay temperatures climbing up just a little bit from upper sdoys low 70's. 70 at santa clara. 72 at campbell. 73 saratoga on the planes we see high ranging from 64, 68 at palo alto, 70 los altos, low 60's on the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 62 tomorrow. 60 in the sun set district. north bay high him if 64 at sauce threat 70 in novato. 75 at sonoma. 76 santa rosa. ia at clover dale. warm spot in the north basement east bay high 63 berkeley. 66 san leandro. 68 at fremont and 63 newark and low to mid 70's. 70 at danville and dublin 73 at concord 76 fairfield 77 antioch and monteray bay high 63 monteray. low 70's at watsonville and santa cruz. mid 70's inland at morgan hill and gilroy. now the accu-weather 7 day forecast here comes our graduate warm ting. inland high will move
9:22 pm
that the low 80's by sunday. low 70's around the bay. my monday looking at syrup inland. up to 90 degrees tuesday wednesday in the warmest inland location up to 80 around the basement low 60's on the coast and then on tuesday or thursday rather we'll see tomorrow graduate cooling temperatures dropping off just a couple degrees but nice warm week finally coming up next week. >> so monday when it is 88 you can start think about frichltd i will. already thinking about next friday. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. express lanes for security screening as we continue the tsa if you plan for certain airport. >> plus finding out airline has lost the baggies frustrating but at least you won't have to pay the checked baggage fee, but at least you won't have to pay the checi want to crush, more cars.
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it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better.
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>> couple notes about travelin traveling. tsa wants to test express lanes for travelers. federal authorities plan to launch a pilot program at 4 airports that will allow pre-qualified passengers to pass through security check points more swiftly. program would include delta passengers boarding planes in atlanta and detroit and american passengers boarding in miami and dallas. no bay area airports in this test. passengers who are frequent fliers would provide personal information in advance to be screened by the tsa. those fliers that qualify would pass through expedited process. tsa says the program would separate frequent fliers from those the agency knows least about and could pose the hig highest risk. mean time grass roots movement is building against the airline and those pesky baggage fees. it has to do
9:26 pm
with charging travelers even when the airline lose your luggage. they do that sometimes. here's steve fichlt didn't take us long to find passengers today who paid 25, 50, sometimes 100 dollars for check bag that failed to meet them at baggage claim. why are you paying that you will money for nothing. i don't think it's right. if very customer unfriendly. >>reporter: robin says she wants her baggage fee returned. >> yes would i lick my money back. >>reporter: it's not supposed to be this difficult. under new federal rules about to kick in the airlines supposed to reimburs pagers for baggage fee if the bags are lost and pay consequential damages when the luggage is late. but when you read the rules closely pretty mostly clear the airlines only have to pay when the bags are lost for good. that's a a profitable loop hole in the rule. little comfort to the owner of 31 million bag misplaced and rerouted every year. we caught up with mick hopkins in toke why today on business and fresh
9:27 pm
from climbing mount huge i. when he arrived in japan his bag were his in los angeles. >> absolutely no clothes with me. i had no toiletry with me. i had no deodorant. it wasn't until i actually did put up an argument that they did give me a voucher. >>reporter: passengers across the globe today telling us the so much for the airline new customer service. this is abc news atlanta. >> another customer service item. netflix has enraged its customers by announcing a price headache of as much as 60 percent. and some of those customers are now venting on line. facebook. twitter. and of course you tube. watch. >> netflix. i see what you are doing here. and i don't really appreciate it nor do i like it. in fact i tl will remain sea seated to express my anger due. >> shame on you net flex. the i thought we had something tochlingt i thought we have had this 3 year relationship and i
9:28 pm
have been so devoted to you and you have been providing the best customer service i have ever experienced from any other company and i told people and net flex was my favorite company. if you can even have a favorite company. >> netflix sits has to raise prices partly because it miscalculated how many people would still want to receive dvd by mail when it set prisons for streaming bundle. cost the company more to mail video than to offer streaming video. analyst say encourage people to drop the current plans for dvd by mail which is good for netflix t.saves a lot of money for the company. >> all right when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. back up plan. progress being made today in settling the national debt craze what happened could happen next in the 14 trillion dollar game of chicken. >> legal loop hole. restaurant goers pay extra for san francisco health care law. why some of that money is going right back in the restaurant owner pocket. >> plus the promise regulators
9:29 pm
make to owner of hybrid and >> plus the promise regulators make to owner of hybrid and electric cars. stay with
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>> good evening once again. fragile signs tonight of possible compromise to raise the nation debt limit and avert potentially catastrophic default next month. latest plan gives president obama authority to raise the debt limit on his own with procedures that could trigger spending cuts. 2 sides met today for the fifth time just this week. but as jake tapper reports, there was more squabling than there was settling down to business. >> the clock is ticking down. >> we have no which to give congress more time to solve this problem. we are running
9:32 pm
out of time. >>reporter: congress at times sounds like a playground at recess fichlt house majority leader shows he shouldn't be at the table and republicans shouldn't be at the table. >>reporter: reid is frustrated as we all are and the fact is we are going to abide by our principal. >> during yesterday tense meeting president obama rejected a call from house republican leader cantor to agree to 1.5 trillion i don't know dollars in both spending cuts and increase in the debt ceiling with another vote on the matter next year. the president said no. until may bring my presidency down but i will not yield on this. >> the president is saying essentially he would rather have a default than have to vote on this again next year. that doesn't make any sense. >> he is saying that leaders should lead and we have to do the right thing here. >>reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised the federal government will default on the debt whale immediately confronting the fact that it spends far more than it takes in. let's take a look at our
9:33 pm
books. next month the government will take in 172 billion dollars in taxes. but it will owe 307 billion dollar dollars. government will be forced to choose after paying the interest on our debt the government could pay for social security, medicare and medicai medicaid, troop salary and veteran benefit. homeland security unemployment insurance tax refund education and the faa. that means it would not fund the center for disease control. food stamps. aid for the needy. federal housing. energy. highway programs. the fbi. and much much more. most interesting conclusion from the thursday meeting 30's will be no friday meeting. congressional leaders go back to the respective caucus and talk about what the members want but there is also talk of a compromise being formed by the senate leaders possibly raising the debt ceiling with spending cuts and deficit reduction to come later.
9:34 pm
fichlt president obama plans news conference on the debt chris's tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. our time. we'll carry it live for you over on abc 7. l state regulators prompts today to give owners of hybrid electric vehicle a break when he charge up the car. california p uc adopted a plan to keep cost down for drivers who need to upgrade their home electrical systems to plug in and charge they are their vehicle. ct uc will also block rate increase for this type of electrical use for both residential and commercial customers. >> indeed by making it a little cheaper to own and operate l fishingts we will make it pbl for more people with moderate income to become if buyers. >> tl san francisco universal health care may not be so universal after all. what critic describe as loop hole
9:35 pm
allowed some business to pocket the money originally intended to pay the employees medical expenses. and now as jonathan bloom reports, there ace new effort to change that. if whether washing the dishes or mixing the mimosa for brunch if you work at the french restaurant here you have health insurance. >> it's also like a badge of honor for a restaurant that they want to take care of their employee. >>reporter: their way of complying with the san francisco ordinance that requires health care for all workers. other restaurants choose to pay into the city health fund or open health care spending accounts for each worker. and like many of them they pay for it by tacking on an extra dollar to each customer bill. >> dollar that goes to the server getting health care it's a good inning this. >>reporter: at some other restaurant that dollar has wound up right back in the restaurant owner pocket. critic call a loop hole and this owner told a board of supervisors committee she wants it closed.
9:36 pm
>> it offend me that there are so many restaurants that are putting a surcharge or percentage on to the fwhails we are paying and then not providing that service. him if it's fraudulent and myself leading. >>reporter: the loop hole is if workers don't use the money in the health care spending account it goes back to the employer at the end of the yea year. golden gate restaurant association endorse also the praichlt it's available to the them. they can take advantage of it but if they are not going to use it why should the employer waste that money. >>reporter: supervisor campos wants that money to be set aside forever so hospitals don't see a flood of uninsured restaurant workers each january. >> they are going to go to that emergency room which means that the taxpayers of the city county of san francisco are going to foot that bill. >> committee veted 2-1 to hold the matter for further review. second time they have delayed it. but campos says he's convinced he can get enough signatures from other supervisors to bring this in front of the full board any
9:37 pm
way. in san francisco, abc 7 news. los angeles police detectives have gone to las vegas to interview the girlfriend of the main suspect in the beating of jints fan stow but they did not know where to find denise the until las vegas police arrested her on drug charges over the weekend. cease being held in clark county jail. she has told defense attorneys that her boyfriend ramirez was home with her on the day stow was attacked at the dodgers stadium parking lot. ramirez remains in custody on parole violation. he's not been charged in the stow case. >> this investigation goes where it goes. it is a complicated inquirey that has a hot of aspects to it that make it difficult to determination. >>reporter: he's showing signs of improving now at san francisco general hospital including opening his mouth when the nurse said she was taking his temperature t.slow
9:38 pm
progress. >> police have found more stolen artwork in the home of a man suspected of stealing a picasso drawing right off the wall of san francisco gallery last week. 30-year-old mark luke will be arraigned tomorrow for the crime. formal charges against him. but raid of new jersey home turned up 7 more stillen pieces of art including another picasso evening taken from manhattan gallery. that one is valued at 350,000 dollars. police say the stolen artwork was hanging on the wal walls and lying about his apartment. moving on here tonight. coming up next. music he make was drum stick is just one of the skills and talents. wait l you see pete composition with a paint brush. >> plus social media meets hollywood thriller. how the tweet and post could end up on hollywood thriller. how the tweet and post could end up on the big screen.i'll be back. 
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>> hollywood made the social network but now comes the first so-called social movie. if. new on line movie project calledide is being described social me meets hollywood thriller. in the
9:42 pm
movie the main character wakes up in a locked room with no way to communicate with the outside world except with a lap top. the director is inviting face book twitter and you tube users to participate in real time. here's how it works. filming starts july 25. segment released every couple days on different social media. users will then be inserrated to respond and help create the next installment. after 3 week time the project including user content will be edited into a single mavie. >> music legend petition is back in the bay area celebrating his 76th birthday. he and his daughter shael a e along with the rest of the talented family are playing in oakland. but as arts entertainment reporter don sanchez explains this visit is more than about music. >> we know musical magic pet can create with his family but look what he can do with a paint brush. >> i never have had this.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: he group here play here as they work creativity and art. >> my mad changes. i'm always experimenting with different colors and different forms. >>reporter: show case in a jack london square gallery. >> this is in saens reminisce ept of old picasso painting. >>reporter: vibrant color. lots of faces. they resemble family. l e family show, eight shows here. to celebrate pete 76 birthday that was wednesday. kids all grew up listening to dad's music but also discovering painting. >> once would have his easel up and i would have mine up. i would be painting and sitting there watching. >> started scraping colors putting things together as a kid then flip it around until he sees something. >> we all see not as great but we all paint a little. do
9:44 pm
sketches. >>reporter: she's encourage his pop artistic expression. e family has new cd and single peter called i like it. it's getting a lot of air time. >> i feel in kind of funny to be a pop artist at 76. >> he created a musical legacy yet the other contrary incryings him. if i could actually make a living painting would i probably do that more than play music. at this point in my life. >>reporter: kids won't let him had. most music fans wouldn't either. 7 news. the downtown los altos is getting a make over. that's according to silicon valley business journal. older buildings torn down to make way for newer development. all unprecedented for at os known as bedroom community. silicon valley office space snatched up so fast these days coast being forced to look to san jose. office space there is less expensive and city has a 19
9:45 pm
percent vacancy rate. about this art company is set to emerge from bank situation. in the filing in san francisco fran l debt expanded new property line and l more on the head lanes in tomorrow's print edition of the business journa journal. city gets pelted by hail. >> absolutely crazy. >>reporter: thousands os of stranded on the streets at the denver airport. even a govern is forced to sleep on the floor because his flight was cancelled. are we out sourc sourceing our memory to the internet? sourceing our memory to the internet? stay with us.i'll be back. i want to crush more cars.
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[ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >> more than 100 flights cancelled at denver international airport today after hail damaged about 40 mrains planes and stranded about 1,000 passengers overnight. since denver is a hub for united frontier and south west there was quite a ripple effect. here's close-up of the damage to the planes wing sort of pock mark by the hail. among those stranded at the airplane was wisconsin governor walker who slept on the floor of a conference room. as for people in the city,
9:49 pm
here's how they dealt with the storm. >> it's hailing like crazy. it has been like this for the last week and i'm trying to get some protection so i don't have a 10,000 dollar insurance bill. >> this waterproof jacket really isn't working. >>reporter: as soon as i'm sure that we are not getting any more hail i'm going back to the drink.i'll probably need more ice but. >> wild stuff from denver to snow in the sierra. boreal says they will have one chair left open on july 23rd to take advantage of the 66 feet of snow it had this season. pretty remarkable. let's go back to update the forecast. >> people will be skiing. nice to know. look at the water vapor satellite image. this trough in the jet stream we have been talking for several days now pattern we have had the last all week long basically something and
9:50 pm
graduate warming in the bay area and happy about that. tomorrow we see thomas climbing up a degree or two in some location. inland high northern most part of our viewing area, if mid upper 70's in other inland location. 60's around the bay and similar meetings near monterey bay. mid upper 70's inland. here is our accu-weather 7 day forecast. warming included. if low 80's upper 80's by monday and up to 90 by tuesday or wednesday finally summer like weather comes in the summer. >> except we can ski. >> new research suggest we are out sourceing our memory to fweeling and other search engine. internet puts such a have yuma of information at our fing tips and l place where it
9:51 pm
is stored. part of his brain to use things is to better find so our memory is changing not yet apparently. study sponsor spoke on pbs. >> computer is really everyone realize what is they are doing this. resonates with even. so it seems that much more i guess scary in some ways. that the idea that we are locating everything that we learned outside of ourselves does that have any impact on our ability things in general. >> scientist say they might be things we used to know and forgot but we are still able to hang on to what is you feel. >> what are redoing nechblingts larry is useful we hung on to him. >> that's debate aichbility i was going say the jury is out on. that i'm glass you mention the story because i thought i was getting stupid. and then
9:52 pm
that's also the jury is out on that as well. i know which way people are leaning however. giants operate second half of the season searching for runs in san diego. it's terrible when you leave spencer with an open line round ever by an amateur pl the british open. the story of the kid and the an amateur pl the british open. the story of the kid and the legend
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
is. >> come up at 11:00. major accident in san francisco tonight involving several cars. ended as one car went through
9:55 pm
the wall of a garage. >> and more on the city parking lot scam. tonight what the city is diagnose to make it stop. those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but mr. biel is here with all the sports tonight. >> start with the giants. second half of the baseball season. giants in first place. open second half in san diego tonight with offense pretty much picking up where they left off in the first half. nearly invisible. great sign here. sandoval riding a 21 game hit streak and facing pachltdz 2 out single to right. ties willy third best on all time list. only blemish rbi single in the third 1 nothing in the fourth. shatters the bat and l adding inshut to injure with great catch by the former oakland athletic. giants still on break. ground to second. with two on in the seventh and
9:56 pm
the giants can't out score. balm garner out of the game and in the 9th. a breaking ball that is fair and gone off the all star reliever for the padres to tie it up at 1 and that's where they are right now 1-1 they are in the tenth. really hard to be ncaa an a fan right now. nothing going well. brett anderson needs john surgery. a's hoping 23-year-old lefty was going to be able to avoid the knife but he needs a major reconstruction on his elbow. anderson miss the rest of this season and also take as full two years to completely heal. >> when a guy like brett goes down you know for the season at this point certainly him if it's you feel bad for him but as a time just to move forward and we do have some pitching depth here so we just hope it's a speedy recovery for him and comes back as strong as he did when he went out. >> he's off tonight to face anaheim or the la angels. they
9:57 pm
used to be anaheim. never min mind. >> old time. >> story too good to believe now. 20-year-old tom lewis was named after legend tom with the son and who is his playing partner in the open. tom with the son. lewis goes out and shoots the lowest round by an amateur in open history. any time there are steps to get down not bunker you know you have problem. going badly. reverse club and opposite hand on 6. can't get out of the bunker but nice effort any way. shot of the day. johnson. 4 over through 14 then birdie birdie ace. kind of a semi-blind tee shot. never saw it go that the hole. mcroyal the favorite hear finishes 1 over. thomas birdie on 16. he finishes at minus 5. tied with 20-year-old. engine rish amateur tom lewis all the kid does, remember, he has legend looking over his shoulder. birdie 14, 15, 16, 17 and then
9:58 pm
watson. tl kid drains the put for par. 20. lieu. glover soim simpson and miguel a shot back phil lefty even par at 70 today. giants in san diego this weekend. 2 of the world most popular pro soccer teams will be doing a little house sitting at at&t park. world football challenge match between mexico club of america and manchester city of the english premiere league set for saturday. transformation from baseball to soshing pitch takes 24 hours. they have 10,000 square feet of sod being brought in to replace the infield dirt and mound f.we want to show the show case city of san francisco and pl these are obviously 2 iconic brand in the soccer world. mexican champion, manchester city is dangerous cup champion. >> don't forget the final at the women world cup coming up
9:59 pm
on sunday with the u.s. going for gold against japan. catch the match sunday morning 11:45 am specific time over on espn. best field day in france. race hitting mountains first time. 3 major dmrim stapling 12 but on downhill portion 5 riders slip and go down. leader thomas would wobble but stay up right. that's better than up right. sanchez of spain l finishing hands free. pel finished 9 to retain the leading yellow jivrments violent tour de france. >> a lot of crashes. bad situation. >> do we like the ladies against gentleman pap on sunda sunday. >> yes. >> they are playing really wel well. >> him if yes? nice to hear. that that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. see you over on channel

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